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When we invest, it is generally to benefit from either capital growth or income. In the case of shares, that income is provided by way of a dividend payment. How the payment of a dividend benefits us as shareholders is pretty straightforward to understand, but when a company  decides to use its cash to purchased […]


Why Trading Volume Matters

by Michael Barton on November 14, 2012

Not enough traders or investors pay the attention they should to trading volume. Traders who trade with a market making strategy – those that buy and sell shares all day, every day – rely on volume for their business model, of course. Price volatility gives them a spread at which to buy and sell, making […]


When I first began investing, I often learned investment lesson through by trial and error. Learning about the in’s and out’s of investing by trial and error can be painful and expensive experience. This article focuses on five valuable investment tips that can save you some of the painful and expensive lesson that I went […]


The Risk of Bonds

by Miranda Marquit on November 1, 2012

In times of economic uncertainty and turmoil, many investors turn to bonds. The assumption is that bonds are only a little riskier than cash — but provide higher returns. Even though many consider bonds “safe,” there are some risks involved. If you aren’t careful, you could find yourself in a less-than-desirable position associated with your bond […]

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Cavalcade of Risk – #169

by Ray on October 31, 2012

Welcome to the 169th edition of the Cavalcade of Risk, a collection of the some of the most important and well-written posts pertaining to risk and insurance. Commercial vs. Self-insured Healthcare Plans: Should you choose commercially-insured or self-insured healthcare? What are the pros and cons of each type of plan? We’ve got the answers. Tactical Asset […]


More than anything else, the financial markets are driven by fear.  Investors fear large, unexpected moves in the markets.  They fear missing out on opportunities.  And, most of all, they fear losing money. Of course, fear becomes a real factor in the financial markets when a major crisis occurs, such as the bank bailouts in […]


As fixed income investors search for more returns, high-yield bonds are getting increased attention, especially as interest rates remain at historical lows. Sometimes referred to as “junk” bonds, these non-investment-grade assets offer higher returns in exchange for more credit risk. Issuers of high-yield bonds have a rating of BBB or below from Standard and Poor’s, […]


It’s mid October and the Dow Jones Index is at about 13,300, down 5% over the past five years despite annualized gains of almost 25% over the last three years – another lost half-decade for investors. Although financial advisors will likely only focus on the phenomenal gains over the past three years, it always behooves […]


When I turned on the television this morning the first news story that caught my eye was about the U. S. presidential election. Apparently the latest polling data shows that the election outcome will be extremely close. As an investor, I try to think futuristically, and I wondered which stocks would benefit from a Barack […]


A problem for us all Europe is the second largest economy is the world. What happens across the Atlantic affects exporting and importing businesses here, which in turn affects stock market valuations. Investments in European equities and governments bonds will be affected not only by the performance of companies at the business level, but by […]